All India Radio in 13.605 kHz from Bengaluru, 17800 Km away with my Tecsun PL-880 and tri-band external dipole antenna

My antenna setup for SWL on the beach with the Eton Mini and the Tecsun's external wire antenna

Listening to some hamradio talking on shortwave radio (40m) on the beach with an Eton Mini and a wire antenna

Listening to some shortwave radio on the beach with an Eton Mini and a wire antenna

Luna creciente tomada con teleobjetivo Fujinon 400:4.5 y sensor Philips SPC640NC 640x480 con wxAstroCapture apilada y procesada con Registax 5.1 (~200 cuadros)

Me revienta la gente mugrienta y dañina que rompe lo que usamos todos. Y digo mugrienta porque el agujero del respaldo esta lleno de basura, ahi no se ve, pero va para abajo...

Shortwave listening kit now complete with my homemade portable dipole antenna for 25m/49m. I tested it today and picked up a whole lotta stations.

My new homemade lambda/2 and lambda/4 dipole antenna for 25m and 49m shortwave broadcast bands, from scraps. Its very portable and ligthweigth, fits nicely in my backpack.

My new homemade tri-band HF dipole antenna for shortwave listening made out from scraps. It covers 41m/31m/25m bands. It works pretty well.

If you are interested in listening, you can get a nice used shortwave analog radio from the 70s and 80s in a flea market or on eBay for like $20. Also you can buy a modern/compact digital one, with more functions like memories, for like $50. There are a bunch of new radios that are very good in performance and sensitivity and do not cost much.

listening is a great way to listen to other countries news/music/culture without the need of and most important, without leaving and spreading your personal fingerprint all over the place (IP addresses, hours and listening habits, stations and content you listen to). Shortwave listening is a great way to stay off the grid and makes you learn more about communications and alternative ways to stay informed.

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